Day 560 & 561 – School, driving & relaxing

Friday, September 8th 2017

I don’t remember much from this day. I started off with math I believe and we worked on our project. Then I had French where we had to rewrite a sentence with style. We also had our pictures taken and I hope it went well, haha. Although since we’re graduating this year, it’s only for the student card and nothing more, because we’re gonna get another picture with the scroll and all, so that’s gonna be fun.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual, but Kohai joined us, which is extra nice.

I had technology next where I continued working on my TIE Fighter. I screwed up at some point, but I managed to still make it work, until I accidentally did a Ctrl-Z, and I couldn’t bring it back to where it was before for some stupid reason. Now I have to start over a part, ugh.

I finished the day with English and we watched a movie, so I half watched the movie and the other read more Life of Pi to catch up.

After school, instead of taking the bus, I went to see my instructor. He was talking to what seems to be a student and he was on the phone for a bit at some point, trying to explain on the person on the other end that he was busy, then we finally practiced. I was doing incredibly well for a while, until I screwed up which triggered nervousness that made me screw up even more. Although, I still got all B’s except for a C at not looking at intersections correctly. Now I gotta practice with my parents and they have to write comments on a paper so I can give it to my instructor in three weeks.

The rest of the evening I just relaxed, except I got a call from my instructor that I forgot my driver’s license in his car, because he makes me put it in the door after showing it to him, and that’s easily a forgettable spot. He said he’d bring it to me the next day at 12:30 (little did I know, that was not true).

Saturday, September 9th 2017 

Today was alright. I woke up later and watched a lot of YouTube. Eventually I decided to get ready at around 11:00. I was on the toilet and I saw a notification on my phone. My instructor was calling me. So, I quickly got off to get dressed and called him back. He then said he was arriving in a minute. I answered “okay” and he hung up. I panicked, since I barely looked presentable. So I tried to tie up my hair, except I have a tiny bit too short of hair to tie it up correctly without a strand falling out. Then I tried to apply at least a bit of makeup and I heard a honk outside. I quickly put on some sandals and ran out. He handed me the card from the passenger’s seat because he was with a student that really looked like she wanted to be practicing and not stopping for me, then I wished them a good day and ran back inside. I’m a bit mad at him for arriving an hour and a half before, but okay… sigh. I just don’t like looking like I rolled out of bed to people I don’t know well, just as almost anyone wouldn’t want to.

The rest of the day I watched YouTube and worked on my portfolio. Later on after supper I answered some French questions as optional homework (mostly to just study for quizzes and such) while watching How To Train Your Dragon with people on the server.

I’m gonna go watch Supernatural now. Also, I’m now not only obsessed with Castiel, but Crowley. He’s just so witty, haha.

That’s all for today.

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