Entities & Voices Intrusions


September 17, 2017

7:16 am

     The voices from these negative entities and the physical sensations/disturbances were active as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.   Aside from the usual vibration sensation……I could very much feel something literally clinging to my back

  They’ve been starting up there bullshit as soon as I open my eyes in the morning recently. Previously, I would at least get a few moments where it seemed like they weren’t around at all.

  This week was a little rougher than most in dealing with them….but I admit that much of that was my own fault….. I was really careless with my sleep routine this week and felt exhausted much of the time…..when this occurs….it leaves me vulnerable to the abuses of these entities far more

   Mostly, they’ve been saying the same kind of things this week….making the same kinds of negative comments that seemed aimed at either annoying me or intimidating me. I still hear them go on all the time about how they are “higher life forms”…..not much has changed with this in the last few months.

They’ve also been playing the identity game a lot recently….where they’ll make comments about who or what they are, but they’ll keep switching things around. One minute they’ll say they are this……one minute they’ll say they are that. It’s actually quite and old and familiar mind game of theirs and I try to just let it bounce off of me.

 I’ll try to be much more mindful this week about getting enough rest….etc…etc. I know better by now really. Our own actions can make us more vulnerable to them….or stronger in dealing with them.



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