Sick day 😷

Feeling rubbish today, it’s Sunday so I am off work anyway, think it’s just a cold but feel achy and shivery and can’t stop sneezing! Waiting for husband to bring me some soup from the bakery hoping it will warm me up.

 I have neglected this journal to say the least. I don’t know why. I will try and write more.

 Had such a lovely day yesterday, I got my hair and makeup done for a trial (I’m a bridesmaid in October) and I felt amazing afterwards. I’ve never had my makeup done professionally (apart from my own wedding when my friend did it) and I really felt a million dollars! Went into town with my other lovely friend for a few drinks before I got the train home and I felt so happy and confident 🙂 so today I decided to spend a voucher that I was given for Debenhams on the lipstick they used on me yesterday and an eyebrow pencil from MAC. I hope it gives me some more confidence to do my makeup .

mya is 3 this week so iv been buying presents and things for her party: I bought a set of toy ponies and a doll with all different dresses, and a new buggy for her baby dolls I know she will love them. Her party is next weekend : just in the house but she has about 10 wee pals coming (and their mums /dads) : it’s a lot of preparation!

 Also my friend had her baby last night-a wee girl! So so happy for her x

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