Oh, you’re so dying to be right
assuming us in complete denial
clearly begging for that spotlight
Your accusations are beyond wild
way out of line
All in all,
you’ve gone too personal
Why keep putting up such a nasty fight?
Putting down others who don’t share your views
Oh, does it always have to be all about you?
You claim to be the most open-minded
but you sound like a trainwreck
This conversation is leaving us jaded
Is your ego not allowing you just one step back?
Fine, have it your way
It doesn’t matter what others may say
There’s a major flaw in your so-called logic
but hey, it’s invisible since your head’s so thick
Surely, you just won’t stop
until the whole world agrees with you
Otherwise, you just bail
finding support elsewhere or you’ll just fail
Well, you can have the last word
if that will shut you up
Nothing is as annoying
as a grown-up with a childish tantrum…
(Jakarta, 26/6/2017 – 6:30 pm)

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