20 Mins Of Writing

One Day John And Billy When On A adventure and they went to a house that they didn’t know was haunted and decided To spend the night in it, little did they know that there was something in there with them. They walk in to the house and look around, John says “Bro This Place Is Creepy As Hell”, Billy Says ” Yea It Is Really Creepy”, They continue to venture in and as they get farther and farther it gets darker and darker till they saw a small light and so then John says “Bro do you see that light?”, “Yea its prolly a meth head lighting up lets go attack”, “Yea bro lets go”, They arm themselves with wooden boards and walk towards The light to find nothing but a lit candle so John says “Bro what the hell”, Billy says “I have no idea”… TO BE CONTINUED

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