Alpha Camp Learning Journal Wk4

1. Objective: What did you do this week? 
– Analytics & Metrics
– (Missed out on the class for AARRR) but thanks to Tim, I was able to receive recording for the class. Sound was kind of noisy with lots of echo in it. Can’t really catch the details. -__-“

2. Reflective: How did you feel this week?
Though the terms used are familiar but when using in the context of digital marketing, the meaning is totally different which can be confusing at the start of the class. But Agnes gave us lots of exercises and the discussion gave us exposure to the new context and deeper understanding on the topic as compare to the time when we start the lesson.

3. Interpretive: What did you learn this week? Any reflection, questions and problems.
So far I feel the class is moving off really well and I feel I know so much more, much more knowledgeable on each of the topic and able to think better especially in the “digital” way. But there are plenty of issues to consider when dealing in the context of an international business.

4. Decisional: What are you going to do next week?
Time to get started on Capstone Project!

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