Challenges to Face

I am going threw something nobody should have to go threw. A month ago, my ex and I broke up, again. We always break up countless times because of his countless lies, and the way he cheats and makes me feel so down, but we are not talking about that right now. Anyways, a month ago I had sex with this boy, desperate to leave my relationship and trying to find someone new because I was so scared I will never fall in love with another person, and sadly I still only love the ex that treats me like shit. We got back together after this guy and I had sex, I realized it felt like he was the only option I have. We broke up again recently because he cheated. Well, recently my worst nightmare came true other than the other challenges I was already going threw. I took a pregnancy test, and behold I was pregnant by the guy I had sex with. I definitely wanted an abortion, I already had a baby in the past with my ex and we ended up not keeping him for reasons and gave him up to adoption, to my ex’s family/ kind of boyfriend. I had postpartum so I did not feel the connection to my son, I could not handle being a parent what so ever and realized I do not ever want kids in the further future. Yes, I am also young. So when I found out I was pregnant, I dropped to my knees and cried non stop knowing the small town I live in, has no options for abortion. Which I want to change that, we need options like that for women. The only option I had was to travel one hour away from my home town. I do not have a car or a license or 600 dollars to afford the abortion. My options were cancelling out because of the government not giving us many options. I began to look up self abortions and came across herbal abortions. I am currently taking vitamin c pills, and drinking homemade parsley tea, about three cups a day if not more. I keep diarreahing and my face feels ever so hot, but still no bleeding which is highly worrying me. I ordered herbal medicines online hoping they will work and I get a miscarriage soon. If not, I feel like I have no other option other than to end my own life. I pray to God this works and I have a miscarriage within this week. Every women needs more options than what the government provides us with.

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