Day 4

So today I want to talk about sex… Lol i’m in high school and everyone is always talking about who slept with who or who send nudes to who. It get’s old really fast. People make up shit about you on the daily, for example just last week people were saying that I was pregnant with one of the football player. Which that’s not true at all, actually i’m a virgin. That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about losing it or who I want to lose it to. I think I’m going to wait until i’m married. I’m scared but i’m not scared ig i’m scared of the thought of it but i’m not at the same time. It’s like i’m ready but i’m not. But I don’t want to do it with someone that is just going to do it with me and then spit on me like i’m nothing and just leave me. So my question is should I wait or should I just do it and get it over with. 

One thought on “Day 4”

  1. I would wait if I were you! I did not and I have spent my life trying to find love, and using sex to get it… which does not work… if you want to “get it over with” at least do it with a friend that you are confident will still be your friend afterwards. Even with that there is a chance one of you will have feelings stronger then the other after it happens and it could ruin your friendship. All in all I think it is a good idea to wait for your experience to be with someone you know loves you even if you aren’t married. I don’t believe anyone that is still in high school is really ready for sex. Emotions are too much even for more mature people. If these people are talking about things like who is doing who still… they clearly aren’t ready. I suggest you wait until you know you are ready. Rather it be married, a serious relationship or a great friend. I think high school is too soon, you have enough stress and peer pressure going on with out having to worry about some immature boy having sex with you and running his mouth to everyone else! Save yourself the hassle, you have a lot of life left to get to all that, and I think if you wait it will be a much better experience! <3 Hope that helps! and Good luck!

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