Exchange Student?

I really really really want to become an exchange student in USA, but! It is hella expencive, It’s like a dream to me but I’m not even close to having the amount of money that is needed. Still I have refused to let it go, and just applied for different organisations anyways. I am going to an interview with one of them on Saturday in the big city and like I really hope they don’t have anything against my blue hair, might seem very unprofesional. 

I really strongly doubt Ill get into the program anyways, but I figured it is wort a try. Then the thing is: If I do get in, where will I get that money? There is a scholarship I can get my hands on but it is far from enough to what I need. Should I probably start working then in that case? But how do I get a job? And no way that will fill up all I need, i need to figure out other ways too. 

I also applied for Italy though, maybe that will be a better option in the end. Even though I dont know a single word of Italian. 

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