Its time


Well its been a couple months since i last writ anything, but i think im finally ready to start looking for someone again, and i dont mean fun or a chase, i mean someone to cherish and love, my hearts been ready for quite awhile but my heads been all over the place, but i guess thats what happens when your mind fractures, a multi-personality disorder isn’t fun, most of the time. I dont even know whos in control most of the time me or

sig, but alcohol deffinetly gives him easy access for control, anyways lets get back on track, ive got my eye on someone shes perfect, shes been hurt and i know she wouldnt do that to anyone, we like the same things, yes she is out of my league, and she has a child, which isn’t a problem, just i dont want to get attached and have another fragment loose probably a omega style one this time, plus i dont even know how i would even start to try something like a conversation let alone getting to know me\her enough for trust to build, im ready for this, ive waited long enough, i just need to make sure i don’t drop my defences so easy this time, well i guess you’ll be hearing off me again soon¬†

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