Putting the theory into practissssssse (get it, python) 😏

I am finding it really hard to write journal entries about my assessment 3, which is an essay.

I have decided to start to write about the physical aspect of my assessment three.

So, Ben has taught us a lot about python already so far by teaching us to download it, working with strings and variables and all the basic things you need to know to get a grasp about python. Within the last two weeks in class he has firstly explained to us what django is (an open source web framework written in python) and secondly a little bit on how to use it.

As a class we started off by using pip to download packages from Python and it seemed easy to install applications and re-install them if you lost them (9n my case I kept loosing it).

First off there was a few different versions of IDLE (python) then there was django and through django there is now sublime. Me, new to coding was and is extremely confused by this and leaves me with the question of what application am I using I have so many?

I am not planning on building a web app anytime so I think for the sake of my assignment three and me actually being able to get somewhere I am just going to stick with Python and take on what I’m learning in class but not necessarily applying it to my assessment three essay and research as it is all just complicating to me.

Extremely confused as I am I have decided to look online for python help, there are so many resources and tutorials on the world wide web that I am hoping might help me with my quest to figure out if I like coding/python or not. The problem with having so many different learning properties available is that it complicates what the coder itself is trying to achieve.

The online tutorial I have resulted in starting to use is Code Mentor’s ‘Learn Python Online’ linked below. https://www.codementor.io/learn-python-online

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