Sunday September 10th

I am feeling a little better than I did this morning. I actually cried this morning I was feeling so anxious and overwhelmed. I have worked nonstop all day today- for 12 hours. I worked about 8 or 9 yesterday before I had to start getting ready to meet my friends. Now I have most of my plans for this week figured out, I just have a million copies to make. Once again, I have to waste a planning period meeting with that dumb ass bitch. I really really hate her. She sat in that meeting Friday and told a bald faced lie. She said she tried to look at my computer screen and I wouldn’t let her. What the fuck was that? I wonder if she thought I would just let her lie and not call her out on it. I did call her out, though. I said, “no, I didn’t do that.” She backed down but kind of did it in a way like she was just backing down so not to start an argument with me. Fuck her. She is so stupid. She is in fucking college and should have a ton of shit she needs to do. Clearly she is stupid or she would have just kept her mouth shut and slid by with doing as little as possible. I want to fucking punch her when she stands by my door and shakes the kids’ hands when they come in the room. What am I supposed to do if her fat ass is in my doorway? I can’t fucking stand there, too.  I have a date with Sam Wednesday night, and I have another one of Jan’s events on Thursday. I think I will be okay to go to both since I have gotten so much work done this weekend. Next week is a 3 day week, thank gods, so I will only have to plan out 3 days worth of stuff AND, I will have 2 extra days to plan the next week. I don’t know how I will be able to keep this up for 10 months. 

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