This message goes out to all of you, fighters and supporters who have been strong and patient enough – no matter how hard:
Thank you. Thank you very much for sharing your stories last night. We often forget that we are never really, really alone. We need to remind ourselves and each other that we don’t always have to be.
To the fighters who have been strong enough:
Never surrender. You may feel that time and time again, you feel like giving up. The world doesn’t always understand your pain or even want to try – and that just happens. Sometimes there’s not much you can do about it, but there are still many other options.
You can start letting those who reach out to you in. Let them help you, let them be there for you. They may not understand everything, but knowing how much they really care about you – why not? In a world where many choose the easy way out, they’re still willing to help you to battle your demons – even when they don’t always have all the weapons but faith and willpower.
To the supporters who have been patient enough:
I truly admire your strength and courage. I am aware that sometimes it takes quite a toll on you that you need to step back and heal yourselves. It’s never easy to help without falling short as well. I hope someday I can have at least half of your courage to do the same, to reach out to others more like those who have reached out to me.
May all of us be strong enough to rise again and again, like Phoenix from the ashes.
From “Light A Candle” – Jakarta, 10/9/2017

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