[63.1] ~*Tue – 09/12/17*~

[10:06 pm]

So after I was done writing earlier I did the dishes, cleaned the suggies cage and took a shower. I got pissed off! I’m a bit tired of always being the one cleaning the cage. The cage’s paint is also peeling off and that got me super upset as it’s big chunk at certain places so now it’s all rusted. I don’t know what to do. I’m just fed up and almost want to sell them or give them away. I don’t know if I could but yea, I’m at that point today. I know I will calm down but I guess I got overwhelmed. I just had a week vacation and seem that since I got back I just had so much to do. I get a break but then I have to work twice as hard after. 

Anyways, after I was done cleaning the cage I went and blow dried my hair so we could go out. We went out to eat at Swiss Chalet and they sorta got me pissed off as well. Every time we go I use a coupon to get more Scene points and of course, every time I don’t get the points and I need to write an email to Scene. Last time I wrote them twice and never got an answer so I had to call them. It’s quite annoying! I don’t know if I’m the only one having problems but if they want to offer points they should do it right. I’m tired of having to fight for the points all the time. Anyways, we got to the movie as it was staring so we didn’t get to play Timeplay for more points but that’s alright as it was full so we prob wouldn’t of made it in the top ten to win points. We saw It which to me wasn’t scary but was fucked up as hell. I never saw the original but this movie is just crazy.

We got home and I asked hub to put back the stuff in the suggies cage and feed them as I am always the one doing everything. He agreed to it which is nice. He’s like a kid, you need to ask him to do something for him to do it, he won’t do it by himself. Now of course we’re both on our PCs when we could be playing board games together or something. So sad!




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