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Even with only a few hours of sleep, today was very productive. Even not falling asleep til after 7 am, I managed to make it to orientation, my probation meeting, get all the dogs out and walked, ate lunch (which eating is something I don’t do as often as a human should), I worked long horn, did my first night of training for the Banks, and I did it all without having a single drop of alcohol. Which means, at this point I have gone 48 hours without alcohol. That’s saying a lot given for almost 2 months now I have had a drink everyday, if not completely smashed by the end of the night. I suppose I have behave til this weekend, Saturday is my birthday after all. Do I have plans? Of course….not. At this point the only plans I have is attending a concert in October, which happens to be my gift from someone. It’s going to be an absolutely amazing concert, it’s one of the best gifts I have ever received. I was thinking of attending the other one this Artist is putting together, how ever the closest one to my city, is Chicago. It also happens to fall on November 17th, and I just so happen to have out of town plans that week. I finally figured out directions….

I’m not sure why I’m going there,                                                                                                I just have to….


                                                                                      I really miss her.






Moving the fuck on….


Tomorrow I have a full day off and I plan to be just as productive if not more. I plan to remove the last few remaining things from the other house, do a clean up, and send off the keys. Before doing anything, I plan to set my morning off with a early morning run. I parked in front of Gregs van, so he has no choice but to be my alarm clock in the morning.

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