[63] ~*Tue – 09/12/17*~

[1:12 pm]

I’m up a bit earlier than I expected. Last night when I got home I was so tired that I wanted to go straight up to bed but I still watched one episode and then read a bit so I finally slept at around 3 am so I didn’t plan on waking up before 2-3 today. I woke up around 12:20 and didn’t wanted to look at the time cause I was sure it was around 4 pm. I finally did as I went to the bathroom and then I was like “okay, I will sleep until like two and that should give me enough time to clean the suggies cage”. I tried falling back asleep and then I told myself “obviously you aren’t falling back asleep and are just forcing yourself to sleep so might as well get your ass out of bed and start your day”. Which is what I did. Haha! 

I’m surprised as my back isn’t hurting right now. I guess I didn’t stay in bed long enough. That’s good thought and I’m also surprised cause I did work at the store last night so I thought I’d be in worse shape today. Anyways, the plan today is to relax a bit, clean the suggies cage, wake up hub cause God knows when he’ll wake up and I want to go eat out today and go to the movie since yesterday was our anniversary and we weren’t able to do anything as we were both working. I also need to wash my hair somewhere in there as it’s due. It’s the last wash before I get it redone. Woohoo!

So yea, I didn’t write last night cause I had too much to say and was way too tired to write so I guess I shall be doing that right now and take it as my relax time before I start cleaning the suggies cage which I really don’t want to be doing but it was supposed to be done last week but we were on vacation and I can’t do it next week as we’re going away cause of dentist appointment and then it would be like two months later so I really need to do that today.

Before I really start with how my day went I want to say that I tried to be good and went to sleep at like 11:40 but I think I took some time before falling asleep. Hub woke me up when he got home from work which was around 1 am and I think I had just barely fallen asleep at that point. Bleh! But yea, even with going to sleep like 2 hrs earlier, I was still tired in the morning. I just don’t know what to do. I’d like to wake up and feel refreshed but that never happens.

Anyways, I had a nice dream. I dreamt that I could talk to my dad. I was in the old house with my mom and she said she could sometime talk with dad so I was like “I want to talk to him too” so I asked out loud if he was around. He was talking to us through an old radio that my brother has. I was so happy to hear him. We talked for a lil while then he called me on my cell. He said he could contact me anytime but that he could get in trouble cause he wasn’t supposed to do it. I told him that the radio was enough and that he shouldn’t get in trouble for me. Then I woke up! It was like 8:10 am and I had a huge smile on my face and wanted to cry. I always ask my dad to visit me, either in the physical world or in dream and it doesn’t happen too often so I was just so happy. As I said before, it was my wedding anniversary yesterday and since he visited me in my dream I take it that it was his way of showing me that he still remembers our day. When I became an adult I was always afraid that my dad wouldn’t be there for my wedding so I’m just so thankful that he was. My dad was always more of a “mean, scary man” so I can tell you that when he gave me away to my husband and that he was crying that was just.. I don’t even have any words to describe how I felt. My family never was the type to show love so for him to be crying at my wedding was more than I could of ever asked. I knew then how much he really loved me even without the words. -OMG, now I’m crying! I wasn’t that close to my dad, didn’t talk to him often but I miss him. I wish I could hear his voice again. Wish I had a recording so I could just listen to it. 

Let’s start with yesterday before I just end up spending my day crying. Well, before going to bed hub cleaned the suggies kitchen which was very nice of him since he hasn’t been doing it in a while. We just took our vacation and didn’t even take our anniversary off. Oh well.. really it’s just a day like any other day. We are off today so hopefully we will do a lil something later on. 

So anyways, I worked from 9:30 to 9:30 and it was a long heck of a day. I started off with a fill in but it used to be an old client of mine. I hadn’t seen her in a while and of course she has to go and ask “are you pregnant?”. OMG! “No, I’m just fat.” Arg! I know I’m fat but come on, I haven’t gained since I last saw her. So yea, there was the start of my day. She did feel really embarrassed from her question and it was a lil awkward. After that I took her to the hospital and asked her if she was going to be long as there isn’t any parking at the doors, of course she said she wouldn’t be. I decided to just go in the taxi lane and go with them, when I’d be the first one in the line I’d go out the lane and go around the hospital then come back at the end of the line. I did that twice. Wouldn’t take long my ass. I should know better though. So yea, I got back in the line up then the taxi driver in front of my decided to get out of his car and come talk to me. He was telling me how I shouldn’t be there, that it wasn’t a parking spot, that I had to follow the rules and blah blah. He got me so pissed off. I told him I was waiting for someone, it wouldn’t take long and it’s not like I was just parked there, I was moving with the taxi and going out when I was at the beginning of the line. I know I wasn’t supposed to be there but STILL. That taxi driver just freaking pissed me off, I wanted to get out of the car and beat him up, I swear. For one, he was a damn immigrant (I’m not too keen of immigrant now a day as they are overtaking our country and our jobs. Anyways, that’s a discussion for another time.) telling me what the rules are in MY COUNTRY and for second, he was a damn taxi driver which are the worse people to follow road rules. OMG! I’m getting mad all over again just talking about it. I mean, if it would of been the security guard telling me I couldn’t be where I was, I would of been totally okay with it as it was his job. But the freaking taxi driver, hell no. Those taxi drivers thinks they own the dam place. They are always making up their own rules and doing as they please on the roads. Do you know how many accidents I almost had cause of crazy ass taxi drivers that don’t know how to dive?! Too many to counts. I need to stop talking about this as well or I will hit the wall.

The rest of the day was okay but then I got a text from the manager at the store asking me if I could come in a little earlier than I was supposed too cause she needed to go to the after hour clinic (don’t know what for, didn’t ask) and that the assistant manager didn’t show up, once again. So I went to the store earlier. I wasn’t even on the clock yet and I was already doing up some paperwork as she didn’t have the time to do it and she wasn’t in to do it today. When I clocked in, she was in the office so I went on the floor. When she left I went in the office and surprise surprise, she cashed out two people and DIDN’T DO ANY PAPERWORK. So of course, I had to do it all. Omg, why do I always have to pick up after everybody’s work. This is getting super annoying. So I did the paperwork and one cashier was like $20 over. What the hell.. this isn’t my shit to deal with. Arg! I don’t even know if she knew or just did the money and didn’t check if it was right or not. Not my problem, it wasn’t my shift so I left it like that. Later on when I cashed out a cashier she was like $18 short.. what?! She was on the same cash as the one earlier, I asked her if she had counted her till and she said yes but I don’t know, first one is over $20, next one is short $20. I wrote a note saying that it was prob the first one’s money that belonged to the second one. Problem fix! I had to do the brinks book which I did but then of course, the coin order (if there was one, I didn’t even check) wasn’t paid and I didn’t bother with it. I just left that spot blank on the paperwork and they can deal with it. I would like to just be a plain ass cashier at the store and not have to deal with all of that crap. At this point, they won’t let me go down as they are already short handed on supervisors so it’s either I suck it up or quit and I can’t afford to quit. Bleh! I wish I could find another job for that one day a week but no one will hire someone for just a day a week especially a specific day. If only I didn’t have this huge ass student loan to pay or if my main job could pay more. I don’t understand how you ask people to have at least a college degree and just pay barely $2 more than minimum wage. It’s unreal! This is sadly the reality of working community which is also sadly what I love doing. Hub keeps telling me that I should look for an office job but it’s not what I want to do. If only I could get into correctional. All these “if only”.

Anyways, after closing the store I went and got my friend and we went… to… the CASINO. Haha! Well, we went to the Prayer Garden first as I was curious on what it looked like at night as we had seen all the lights on the trees. It was actually very nice and quiet. I scared my friend. Bouhaha! I waited for us to walk away from the car to lock it and make it beep. I told my friend we had to pray so she could win. Not religious but what ever. She was saying silly stuff more than anything. I finally “prayed” and we left. We each played $5 and didn’t win anything. She switched to the machine beside and played her other $5. I walked away and went to a machine I used to play a lot and turned my $5 into a $40. I had a real hard time to make it thought. The machine kept me around $20 and wouldn’t give me the free spins. I’m becoming like my mom, I kept wanting to take out the $20 as it was $20 more than I had came in with but of course I wanted more. I wanted that darn free spins which I finally got so I took $40. I was so tempted to keep playing cause $40 isn’t really that much, my mom would never take that amount out. But then again, it was $40 more than I came in with as it was free money so I finally took it out. I had been playing on the machine for at least a good half hour if not more (don’t really see the time go) and my friend hadn’t came to find me so I was all happy, it meant she was still playing. When I got to her I was all excited but she was at like $18. Sad! I thought she was winning big bucks. She finally took out $10. She tried real hard to make it to $20 and just couldn’t. I don’t understand how she never ever wins anything. I felt bad about my $40 and I didn’t share this time cause I was $50 in the hole from playing during vacation. It’s just crazy how I mostly always win a little when I play free money, when I play my real money, I never win. Oh well!

I got home, I called my mom and talked to her for a lil while. Then hub got home and I was about to go to bed as I was tired but decided to watch an episode instead and read a bit afterward. So that was my crazy day. Man, I just wrote a book. Haha! And that was only for one day. Wow!




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