Crazy jealous ex wife

Ugh! I’m totally pissed, and I don’t know how much more of my ex-wife I can take right now, and unfortunately, since we have kids in common I don’t have any choice but to deal with her. She found out that Ella and I are expecting our first baby together via-IUI, and she went off on me. 

I understand she’s still upset about the divorce. But if she hadn’t wound up pregnant with a baby that wasn’t mine after she an affair, I would have tried to work it out. I just couldn’t take care of a baby that wasn’t mine. I took her back every other time she had an affair because she begged and pleaded. Which now I look back and it was really stupid to keep taking her back, only for the kid’s sake. 

Her main argument was that I spent money on something that could have gone to the kids. I give her $2,000 a month for support, and I’ve asked her what the kids needed and she’s told me that her husband has it covered. She’s all the way in Utah, I’m in New York. I even sent her money to have the kids come visit me for the summer. I even was going to pay for whoever was traveling with them to get here. But she decided to spend the money because she needed it. 

She was even bitter in the past when she learned my wife and I had fertility issues. She kept making fun of the fact that we had fertility issues. Like it was some kind of joke. She made a comment once that I should have stayed with her, because I’d be able to have more children. Or the comment that pissed me off to no end, “It’s probably some STD your wife has. You both should get checked.” 

Ella’s been my sister’s best friend since 1st grade, and from what I know about my wife is that she’s had 3 sexual partners throughout her life counting me. The other fact being we both were checked in the beginning if this fertility journey.  Ella hasn’t been the type of girl to randomly have sex with people. It’s not the type of person she is. 

I’m not sure what to do anymore. If I tell my ex-wife off, she refuses to talk to me for days, and use my kids as a pawn and won’t let me talk to them for awhile. She lives in Utah and I’m in New York,  it was her choice to move. I’m so drained right now, with all of my ex’s behaviors. I’m not sure what to do. I can’t keep letter her harass me about Ella being pregnant. It stresses Ella out, and I don’t want to stress her out, when Ella gets stressed she refuses to eat (it’s been this way even before she was pregnant), and I don’t want to put our unborn baby at risk because my ex-wife is being crazy. 

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