“DEAR MEAN GIRL: Your Kind No Longer Intimidate Me”

Oh, yes
I mind my own business
I do hang out with the boys
It’s all my personal choice
but I’m no prissy princess
Oh, no
Why are you judging me so low?
Do you even know me so?
These are my bros
Your assumption is like ‘whoa’
you need to choose your words carefully
Read those articles more critically
about what all women should be
when it comes to finding love, you see?
It doesn’t always work that way
Sister, you get the wrong idea
There have been others thinking they knew me
and what a gullible little girl I could be
I’m not interested,
so I’m not taking your bait
We’re supposed to root for each other
instead of acting superior
I hope my cold and deadly smile
will chase away your smugness for miles
Dear Mean Girl:
Your kind no longer intimidate me
I’m as happy as can be
Remember, one size doesn’t fit all
but there’s always that pride before the fall
(Jakarta, 14/8/2017 – 4:30 pm)

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