Monday September 11th

Oh my god. The woman I have to work with is legit crazy. I Googled her today- I don’t know why I didn’t  do it sooner. She has filed law suit after law suit. Holy shit My head is spinning right now. I don’t know who I should tell. I don’t know if I should tell the admin or tell my dept chair. I am really freaked out. I have to be with this crazy bitch all day long- share a room, have every meeting and duty with her. I don’t know who to tell. I didn’t even know all this stuff about her this weekend, and I almost sat down and sent an email to my AP saying I was not comfortable being alone with her. I just have a feeling in my gut that this is not going to go well. 

One thought on “Monday September 11th”

  1. Document everything – use a date book or journal (written). Anytime there is anything unusual or if she lies or anything that doesn’t seem right to you. At some point you may need to talk to your principal or assistant principal. I am not sure how that portion works with who you would go to but someone else probably needs to be aware of this woman. Good luck. It is really hard to have a bad coworker but someone that you have to work with that closely is really awful.

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