Prompt: What important life lesson have you learned from a teacher?

 My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Fleishmann made an impact on my school life and outside school life. She made me enjoy reading for the first time. We began reading Percy Jackson and that made me realize my love for mythology. I love learning about about things and I was so happy that we got to do a project on it. You would tell a story about one the gods and you could dress like them so I chose Athena. It didn’t feel like a project, or a lesson, it felt like an activity that you wanted to do. She even made math fun, which is very hard to do. We would sing songs to learn, make fun notes and binders. We got to donate to charity’s  for animals that were endangered after reading “The One and Only Ivan.” It made me realize that learning doesn’t always have to be boring, and you can make it into what you want it to be and take it where you want.

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