So I took Harry to the arts & craft group thing the lady from the soft play told me she’d meet me at and of course, she wasn’t there. I knew but since I’d taken the trouble to find the place and I even found a place to park I decided me & Harry may as well stay. It was pleasant enough actually! The group is set inside the library so I loved the setting. Harry could just pull a children’s book from the book shelf and look through it…libraries are starting to become almost extinct so it was good to see Harry being able to pull out books and look at them himself. He does the same at home and always has done. I still have his favourite books from when he was a baby 🙂 My local library was shut down years ago.

I helped Harry make a cardboard bear (photo!) at the group and he coloured some of it. He mainly liked playing with the toys, he loves toys that are cars or aeroplanes, typical boy stuff! I didn’t encourage him to play only with cars or anything, he would choose to play with them all the time himself so now the clothes I buy him usually have tractors on them! He really does love them. This group is different from the play & pray group because it does simple arts & crafts and had a sing song session too. Harry enjoyed clapping after every song finished 🙂 Also at the very end of the group the bookstart bear came (some person paid to dress in a big, bulbous, light-blue bear suit! haha) to see the children. Harry wouldn’t hug him but I took him to meet him anyway and he touched his paw and waved at him so that was good enough 😀

Today actually I took Harry for his nursery introduction session, so just an hour. My mum and I took him last Thursday and he loved playing with the different toys there so when I dropped him off for his one hour session today he was quite happy to be honest! I guess with all that’s gone on with his father Harry is used to being left by me for a period of time. I’m glad he was able to be there for the hour having fun and being happy. After I dripped him off I walked into the village to draw out cash from the co-op then I took the car I drive to be cleaned. I waited at the carwash place and they cleaned it in about 15 to 20 minutes. After that there were only 10 minutes till I had to pick up Harry again so I parked up and sat in the car for 10 minutes listening to my Lacuna Coil CD. I love driving and listening to my music at the same time, I really love it.

When I picked up Harry he was happy to see me, he pointed at me and said “Mama!” but then went back to play with more toys. The rest of the children were sitting round the table at the other side of the room. This is the main reason I decided to start Harry at nursery; he’s always been good at playing on his own but I want him to participate with other children and have friends! The staff love Harry already, they told me he was so funny because he picked up a calculator, held it to his ear and pretended to be on the phone. Harry does do this lol so I wasn’t surprised to hear it! He does the same with not just the calculators here but with remote controls, cameras, and external hard drives! I feel much better about leaving him now for the three hours every Tuesday and Thursday knowing he is happy and will hopefully soon learn to have friends.

Other things that have been going on; my mum wasn’t well yesterday! When I came back from the arts & crafts group with Harry I noticed mum’s eye was rather red. She took her blood pressure and it was quite high so she had to get an emergency appointment with our local GP. It hasn’t settled so mum had to ring for another emergency appointment and was written a prescription for tablets that lower blood pressure. She’s been taking it very easy obviously so she hasn’t been out today. I hope she’ll feel better after a while of being on the tablets. I guess we’re lucky in the 21st century with the drugs that are available to us. I have never had to take pills to lower my blood pressure but I have been on a drip to force my blood pressure to go up in order to prevent organ failure after an overdose. So we’re both lucky these medicines and drugs exist to force blood pressure up or down!

Anyway I best go because Harry will start wondering where I am and will come upstairs looking for me!

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