[64] ~*Wed – 09/13/17*~

[12:42 pm]

While I was getting ready I got a call from the office saying that my client had cancelled. I hate how I’m never too sure of what was said. Like when the office send me a text or a voicemail about a client cancelling, I will check the email two-three times to make sure I got it right or will listen to the voicemail a few times as well. When they call and I actually speak to them, I can’t replay the conversation so I always wonder if I got the message right as I’m always scared that I won’t show up when I’m supposed too.

Anyways, I wish I would of gotten the message a little earlier so then I would of stayed in bed. I did do my hair, sorta, so I was thinking of going back to bed but I don’t know if I should. Well, I know I shouldn’t but bleh. I’m just so darn weird. When ever I work and I have time in between clients where I can be home, I go to bed. I don’t understand. It’s like, when I work, I can’t do anything else than work. Yesterday I could of slept more as I was off although it was a good thing I woke up earlier so I was actually able to do the suggies cage but I slept about 8 hrs yesterday and I was up when I could of slept more. Today I slept a bit more than 9 hrs and I didn’t wanted to get up. Life is just so complicated! Lol!

I guess I should prob make myself something to eat since I’m home as I know I will be hungry later. I will try my very best not to go back to bed.





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