Vasculitis+cystic fibrosis=My twin

So I have always known my twin brother has had cystic fibrosis. I remember looking it up when I was little around when it was still dial up internet and finding that the life span was on 30. I remember crying so hard.

My brother beat the odds, though. Every time they said he wouldn’t make it to an age; he did.

We are now 30.

He broke out in a horrible rash on his feet, swelling that felt like knives to walk on, fever and vomiting. Went to multiple hospital within days to finally be diagnosed with vasculitis.

It’s a condition that attacks the blood vessels and it can attack major organs. One being the lungs. If you know about CF then you know this ISN’T safe! Not for a regular person, let a lone somebody with CF.

I’m terrified of losing my twin. I always have been. I knew he wouldn’t be around forever, but I thought it was doing so well and with new meds that he’d at least make it to 50.

All of a sudden this is all happening and with research I am now freaking out. I just lost my big brother! I do NOT want to lose my twin. He’s been part of me since before this life.

You can’t have him universe. He’s a fighter. He will win!!1

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  1. And he will be part of you after this life as well. Just as your big brother is still part of you. I just pray – for you, your twin and everyone who loves you – that time is a long time from now.

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