Day 564, 565 & 566 – Tests, teachers & thoughts

Three entries… I meant to do two, but I forgot yesterday.

Tuesday, September 12th 2017

That day went well! I don’t remember much from it, but nothing interesting really happened anyway. We had our French quiz though which went pretty easily. There was also a fire drill, but it didn’t last long.

At home I mostly just relaxed and then sort of studied for my math test. The test is open notes, so all I did really was try and understand questions I didn’t understand before, and it went well.

Of course, I watched my Supernatural episodes as usual. I keep dreaming about Supernatural since that’s one of the few things I watch before going to bed, haha.

Wednesday, September 13th 2017 

That day went well too!

I started off with French and we basically read, worked on grammar and other typical French stuff. 

Next we had our math test. I kept skipping questions until I finally figured it out. I also realised how much space our teacher gave us. I asked Kohai and she also wondered if she wrote enough, so that was reassuring, since chances are we did write enough.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual, and then I went to English. We continued reading short stories and such.

I ended with technology and I kept having a problem with a sapling add-on on Blender. The teacher and I figured it out (not really though, but in the moment we believed we did). Also, our teacher brought out the school’s functional R2D2 and it’s so well made! I was able to get a closer look compared to when I saw it at Comic Con. I want one so badly, haha. But I also discussed with my teacher about getting a lightsaber and he mentioned there’s clubs for that (not at the school though) and even a teacher who made one. He suggested I make one myself instead of buying one and I decided that’s what I’m going to do. May be more expensive, but much more customisable and my very own specific design. One day, when I have the time and money.

At home I decided to not run, even if I should, and instead relaxed by watching YouTube, eating supper and then working on my portfolio. I watched Supernatural as usual before going to bed.

Thursday, September 14th 2017

Seems that I’ve more talkative or friendly with my teachers lately. Probably cause I got used to them by now.

I started off with math and I got early to the class. The teacher arrived with the keys and called me “Miss (my last name)”. Usually our teachers just call us from our first names, but he has a tendancy to switch from miss to my first name, although mostly miss. Different than usual, but nothing shocking. I remembered to vouvoyer this time when asking how he was after he asked me, which is good (in French you have two ways to address “you”, one is more casual and the other formal, and strangers or people of higher authority can feel offended if you use the casual one, since it sounds like you’re going “hey what’s up dude”), since I keep forgetting and I’m trying to fix that. He also said I did well on my test, which is good!

During the class we just continued on our project and I made the comment to Kohai that our teacher is like our 9th grade teacher we always claim to be a robot, because they both correct tests so quickly and know our grades by heart. Our current teacher is less of a robot in the sense he’s not emotionless though, haha.

In French we started reading a play using a lot of Quebecois slang, which I use some of them, cause I am Quebecois myself, but for some reason it’s harder to actually conciously say them. Maybe cause I’m used to speaking and reading correctly in class.

We had our typical by grade presentation about the school and dress codes (who reverted back to being stupid codes… the good ones lasted barely half a year), and cringy videos made by the students.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual and something hit me hard. I truly realised this was the last year we would be eating together and we might never talk to each other again after this. I got sad, but quickly recovered since I needed to continue the conversation between us. I should appreciate the moments we have now anyway.

In technology I discovered what my teacher and I tried to fix yesterday didn’t work. I managed to figure it out again, but then I came across a similar problem. We decided to remove the whole YouTube tutorial from the work options and I decided to look for a new one. I found one that offered much more freedom in the appearance of the tree and that doesn’t use the add-on. It takes longer though, but I don’t mind at all. So I’m gonna do it and since he requested, show him the final product, as well as tell him if I believe it would be fine for any student to use the tutorial and that they wouldn’t get stuck or have too many problems with it.

I ended with English. I always arrive early to class so I was the first. The teacher and I gave each other a nod and a smile and I went on my phone while waiting as usual.

We did some grammar questions and corrected the short story questions. Now we were given an assignment to critique one of the short stories we read. I wanted to critique The Dying Detective, cause Sherlock Holmes, no more has to be said haha, but I think I’ll have a much easier time with The Landlady, which is a pretty good short story too.

On my way out of class, I got stuck on a string thing that hangs near the door. A guy I never talked to before pulled it off for me and I thanked him as he walked away, but I almost tripped turning around to see what I was caught on at the same time >-< Speaking about guys, a guy I used to have a crush on in 7th grade keeps saying hi to me whenever we cross paths. He has been since 10th grade. At first I thought he might like me, but it’s been three years, I think he would’ve said something by now right? Well, I haven’t told a guy I liked him for basically 8 years (4 yrs old to 12), so I’m not the one to talk. Either way, I don’t think I’m interested.

At home I ran for once, relaxed, ate, then called my second parents and another staff member while working on my portfolio. It was fun hearing all their voices again. I don’t hang out with them enough. I also had a pretty basic, but good French conversation with one of them, since they’re learning the language. I love american accents while they speak French, haha.

No Supernatural tonight, since I was busy with the call and my parents were out to pick up my brother.

That’s all for today.

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