Fall Feels

Tonight, I spent some time alone on my porch taking in the crisp, fall dusk air. Pinks, reds, orange, and light blues filled the sky as the sun began to set. It’s amazing how small you can feel when you’re sitting under something so vast and beautiful. For a few minutes, no phone, nobody around, just myself and the universe. My worries seemed so distant for a bit. I felt protected in a way. It’s such a confusing period of time, your twenties. Right when you think you’re the only one who doesn’t have it all figured out, you talk to someone who, in their own way, feels equally as “lost” in this world as you do. But are the ones who feel lost, actually lost? Or are they closer to themselves than ever? I think it’s a very blurred line between the two. If one has never felt that they’re going crazy, will they ever know what they’re looking for? There are people who can write out a plan for themselves and knock each step off like a checklist, but isn’t there a way to live in the moment, while securing ourselves for the unknown at the same time? And when one feels “lost” I also wonder if it’s a crisis within ones self, or if it is realizing that we feel obligated to meet the standards of our loved ones and society? 

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