[66.1] ~*Fri – 09/15/17*~

[11:49 pm]

OMG! I just tried to read what I wrote last night and I don’t even know what to say. It looks like a drunk person tried to write. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to correct myself as I barely understand it and I’m the one who wrote it. I don’t even remember actually posting it so if someone did read it, or at least tried too, I’m embarrassed. Lol! I’ve read it and was laughing as it’s terrible, seriously terrible. Note to self: Don’t ever write an entry after taking a sleeping pill. I just don’t know why it kicked in so quick last night. Usually I have at least half an hour before it starts affecting me but last night it was within minutes. My entry is just too funny as I don’t think anyone could really understand it if they don’t know what the heck I’m talking about as I had a real hard time reading it myself. I think I will keep it like it is but also edit it to what it should be so then people, or myself, can really laugh at me. I swear I wasn’t drunk. I’ve actually never been drunk in my whole life. Haha! 

Anyways, this morning I had an hour and a half between clients so what did I do? Came home and straight to bed. Blah! I also returned that purse I had bought yesterday. Now I need to find another one but I don’t know where to look. 

I went to the office to turn in my paperwork and get my paycheck and the girl told me she had found a client for my Mon morning. She’s the one I took for a fill in this Mon, an old client of mine. Apparently she requested me. That’s good, my hours will be back to 42. For how long though?!

At almost 5 pm hub texted me to say he wasn’t feeling well and had called in sick. He wanted to go to the after hour clinic but they told him he was better off to go to the ER as they couldn’t do any tests there. I called my friend and she took him to the hospital cause he felt too dizzy to drive himself. He wanted to wait till I got home but I told him I’d rather have him go right away in case it took for ever. I didn’t want to be up all night. He was there for three hours and they didn’t do any tests. The doc just told him to rest for two days, that it was prob a virus he caught and if he didn’t feel any better Mon to go back. Pfft! So mister has a note from the doc so he will be missing another two days. I swear, every single time, one step forward, two steps back. He did extra hours yesterday but then he misses three days of work. This is really annoying! There is no way to get ahead in this game. 

Beside that I went to the jewelry store as I need to get my rings checked every six months if I want to keep my lifetime warranty. I didn’t like the service. I never had any problems there but today the lady just took my rings, didn’t even checked them to see if the diamonds were lose or anything. She did a lil scrubbing with a brush which normally they put the rings in the machine for like a minute before scrubbing. She signed the sheet and was like “You’re good till Feb”. I told her “Umm, it’s March” so she tells me “No, it’s Feb” so I reply “I’ve always came in March and Sept so why would it be Feb”. So she changes it and tells me “It said Feb but there, you’re good till March”. Damn right I’m good till March.. six months.. that makes it March!! If she would of looked at my paper she would of seen that it was always March and Sept. Dumb lady! I was just not pleased. I kind of want to send a complaint but I don’t know if I should. I’ll prob just let it go but I feel I just get pissed off or annoyed quickly lately. 

One good thing, I got an email from Scene saying they had put the 300 points on my card. They didn’t answer my question as if it was them or Swiss Chalet that made it that most time I wasn’t getting the points. Why do people always just do half the job? I got the points, no answer to question. 

Alright, once again it’s late and I’m not sleeping. This going to bed early really isn’t working. I just don’t have enough hours in a day. I wasted almost an hour cause I took a bath and I think I fell asleep in there. Oh well. What sucks is that Tue I can’t even sleep in as we’re going to the dentist for noon with an hour drive so bleh. I don’t have any day to sleep like I want and it sucks. We better be able to go on a boat tour so at least it would make it worth it.

Okay, okay.. Bed time! I want to read and farm but I know I shouldn’t. Let’s take my pill now to make sure I don’t stay up much longer. 




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