[66] ~*Fri – 09/15/17*~

[8:35 pm ~ Tue – 09/19/17]

I wrote this entry a few days ago while I was under the influence of my sleeping pill. Haha! That said, this entry is just too funny as you can barely understand what I’m talking about. I was going to delete it or just edit it but then I figured I would keep it as it is but also edit it so people or myself know what in the world in talking about.


[1:18 am]

Dang! I just took my pill a few minutes ago and I’m already fewling it’s effect as i can’t concentrate and write right. Didn’t thibk it qould work this kick cause latete it’s beena bit slow. Of course the day I decide tontake it ahead of tine it works right bow. Man, i dont even know ehat im wrtting thia is ilmmwill be hige ass editing tomor

Dang! I just took my pill a few minutes ago and I’m already feeling it’s effect as I can’t concentrate and write right. Didn’t think it would work this quick cause lately it’s been a bit slow. Of course the day I decide to take it ahead of time it works right away. Man, I don’t even know what I’m writing, this will need a huge ass editing tomorrow.

I just nainleay say how stupid i am. Ths phoebat hub works weren’t workibg cause i wan’t using one in feont the bumbets. Duh! There’s no one on the ooaoet so i honestky didnt rhink of outting one sio i just did xxx-xxx-xxxx without thebm 1 xxx-xxx-xxxx so omi guess thats why i couldbt reach ahu nimbers. Im just super dumb. I also cant write for ahit right bow as mu oill fucking up my thinkibg so this will hace to vbe edited big time. 

I just wanted to say how stupid I am. This phones at hub works weren’t working cause I wasn’t using the “one” in front of the numbers. Duh! There’s no “one” on the paper so honestly, I didn’t think of putting “one” so I just did xxx-xxx-xxxx instead of 1 xxx-xxx-xxxx so omg, I guess that’s why I couldn’t reach any numbers. I’m just super dumb. I also can’t write for shit right now as my pill is fucking up my thinking so this will have to be edited big time.

Last biggr i was also tallking hi. The loght on the lock wasnt working abymote. The green obe say but jormmmbot rmthe red. Looka like it was cause inwasnt lockuming the door all the oay. Dont kbow what womrong sith me lalety. And this non sense typing it maknv me feel bad so i will just talk avout it later when i o ow how to type to make sense. Im not even gonna oost before its edited when i dont have. Aokll in me cause ppldmwont be able to read all thic rap. 

Last night I was also thinking that the light on the lock wasn’t working anymore. The green one would work but not the red. Looks like it was because I wasn’t locking the door all the way. Don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. And this non sense typing is making me feel bad so I will just talk about it later when I know how to type to make sense. I’m not even gonna post before it’s edited. I will edit when I don’t have a pill in me cause people won’t be able to read all this crap.

I wantes ro read a bit but with tthia i dont k ow if i can. I guessd ill teu and if not ill juat try to fall asleep. 

I wanted to read a bit but with this, I don’t know if I can. I guess I’ll try and if not I’ll just try to fall asleep.

Screq it im actually gonna padt bow just to see what ppl has to say to my jiberish. Haha! Im writing as a drunk vut this is all thanks yo the sleeping pill kicking off. Im too lazy to teu ans correct all mu bad typing as my brainndont seem yo work with my bodu but uea thi os what it can look likr before i edit it to be readbale. Haha!

Screw it, I’m actually gonna post it now just to see what people have to say to my gibberish. Haha! I’m writing as a drunk but this is all thanks to the sleeping pill kicking in. I’m too lazy to try and correct all my bad typing as my brain doesn’t seem to work with my body but yea, this is what it can look like before I edit it to be readable. Haha!




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