67. Wonders of T

Shot night, I always love shot night. The excitement, the relief, felling like my self. The weekly pictures haven’t taken place the way I would like them to see changes as they happen, but I notice them. Other are noticing more as well. Someone at work made a comment if I was getting sick because my voice sounded different. I didn’t say much, given theres only 4 people I work with that know, this person wasn’t one of them. I also got a comment on the fact I looked different, it was a guy at that. Earlier today I noticed the hair on my legs was thicker, and my body..shape is different. My hips don’t seems as wide, or my shoulders seem wider, either way its great!


My birthday is 24 hours away, and I’m spending it working. The excitement of it was robbed from me weeks ago…..other then the concert..but that’s in October.


I thought about her a lot today…I wish it’d stop. Id like a full 24 hours where is doesn’t cross my mind, and where I don’t miss her….



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