Day 15 – 30 Days of Motivation

I love my Fridays. I love the people I spend them with. I love the moments that are just for me. I love the slowness of the day and my time to do the things I choose to do. 

Today was a perfect Friday. My morning was full of love, hugs, coffee and chatter. Catching up and talking away the time. We even took a few minutes and meditated. I have a certificate in meditation, but did not think I could lead anyone.  Today I did and it was a deep spiritual connection beyond what I imagined. I am excited to work through it again and find my strength in the practice.  

I enjoyed time with Jenna in the afternoon. I believe her and I are shopping soulmates. We both dawdle around and are never impatient with each other. But we do find lots of things to buy so….💰💰

Friday night has become date night with Jodi as she leads us through the most yummy Yin yoga practice ever.  Imagine, it’s Friday evening, done your week, ready to wind down and you get to snuggle into a warm, softly lit studio, relax deeply into your mat and be guided into blissful relaxation. What else could you want? Now that the cool weather has arrived, Friday nights will be my favourite. 🙏🏻

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