I failed to move on and it sucks!

 We haven’t communicated for months already when all of a sudden you just replied?! Wtf was that? I thought I have moved on. I thought I’m over you but clearly I wasn’t. And I hate myself for that. I’m still here hoping you would see me in a romantic light, again I am still friendzoned. So why did you bother replying? And I don’t need to confess my feelings for I couldn’t make it anymore obvious that I like you. You already know I have a crush on you and you still didn’t do anything about it so at least now I know where I stand. Even if you have a girl already, my heart still cannot understand that I’m waiting for nothing, that I’m hoping against hope and in the end it will all be futile. Energy and efforts were wasted not to mention time. So since clearly you’re not interested, then I have to scold my very stupid heart to stop pining over you. I am hoping this will be the time I will end whatever feelings I may have. Good bye S. And thank you. I hope you will be happy with her.

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