Is it possible to meet my soulmate in this lifetime?

I’m still hung up with the idea that the guy I’ve been pining for over ten years is my soulmate but clearly he doesn’t feel the same because I’m being friendzoned despite the fact that he knows I like him. It sucks. All the while I was thinking Yes! He is the One! When after seeing through rose-colored glasses he is not into me, he is just being friendly. He is perfect for me in every way so I thought soulmates do exist. But clearly, I was wrong. Maybe I should just resort to practicality. I’m so idealistic before that I really thought I would marry my soulmate, much to my dismay. If only crystal balls work I would definitely look for him,  but now I think marriage of convenience it is. So long soulmate! If ever you exist, I doubt I would ever find you. I haven’t got a clue where to start.

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