[67] ~*Sat – 09/16/17*~

[9:30 am]

Yup, tired and pissed. That’s me almost every single day now. It’s getting pretty sad. I thought my vacation would help out a bit but looks like it didn’t do a thing. Maybe I should of slept for the whole week. My going to bed early really isn’t working and I don’t even know if it would help out. I have a headache right now and want to sleep so bad. I don’t know at what time my client wakes up but she had time to shower and eat breakfast before I picked her up. Gosh, I surely don’t have time to do that. I woke up 25 mins before I had to pick her up

I was doing good at not looking at the time but then hub came to bed and I always look at the time when he comes to bed. Of course, it was 8:23 and I was waking up at 8:35. Pfft! He mumbled something but I have no clue what he said and didn’t make him repeat. It just pisses me off that he’s “sick”, can’t work but yet he spends all night on the PC just like when he’s okay. To me if you’re not feeling well enough to work you should be spending more time in bed. If you can be on the PC and play your games then you should be alright to work. Grr! So yea, I’m in a very bad mood AGAIN.

Right now I’m telling myself that I’ll be going to bed super early tonight but every time I tell myself that, I don’t do it. Last night I was meant to go to bed but decided to get in the tub instead and stayed in there for like an hour. I won’t take a bath tonight, I’ll wait tomorrow. Already not looking forward working at the store. I really wish I could quit there and go somewhere else where I’d be just a regular employee. 

Anyways, I’m at Tim with a client right now and she’s playing on her phone so I’m writing. I’m totally okay with just chilling here. Although of course at this time of day, if I’m to just sit here and be on my phone I’d rather be in bed. I wonder if taking my B12 regularly would help out as most days I forget about it. My sleeping pill is still working so it’s gaining energy for my day that is the problem. We should all be programmed to sleep 8 hrs, wake up and be refreshed. I don’t even know that feeling anymore. 

My toe still hurts. I should of went to see the doc with hub last night. It’s so random for it to start hurting again after a week. I hope it’s okay. It should be, I’m moving it just fine and it’s not real pain all the time it just kinda stings once in a while. Talking about doc, I really need to call to make an appointment to see the doc on Mon cause who knows how long it will take before we can have one and I’m out of refills for my sleeping pill. I was meant to call after our vacation but of course I keep forgetting.




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