[67.1] ~*Sat – 09/16/17*~

[11:30 pm]

Omg I love Halloween stuff so much. I wish it was Halloween time all the time. We went to Michaels and I wanted to buy everything which is really too expensive. But man, I want to turn my house into an Halloween house so bad. I would love it! I actually don’t have any decorations as I don’t take the time to decorate but I really love all the Halloween stuff. I told hub I wanted to turn the house into a permanent Halloween theme. If only it wasn’t that expensive and time consuming I so would do it. The whole house would be full of creepy, fun stuff. 

Anyways, of course I slept for an hour and a half between clients today too. I came home and ate while watching a show but after I was done eating I was like “Screw it, I’m going to bed”. I also took a B12 this morning but I guess just taking one here and there doesn’t do anything. I need to commit to it. If only I could just go to bed at night like I do in between clients. For some reason I just feel that if I go before midnight it’s too early. Fun how I don’t have a prob doing it in the afternoon when I’m not done working. I’m just so weird!

We saw American Assassin today which was alright and I didn’t fall asleep. I’m getting better at not sleeping at the movie since I have time to nap before. Haha! Another weird thing, I pretty much always sleep when I go see a movie with my client but never do when I go with hub or friends in the evening. I tell ya, I’m just too weird. 

Hub was up when I got home so I made him make us some food. He didn’t go to work, he will make me food. He said he was still a bit dizzy and didn’t have any concentration. Yet, he plays his game. Blah!

So earlier I felt really bad cause coming back from work I was following someone that was drunk or I don’t know what. The car in front of me was driving super slow then just went in the middle of the road which isn’t a road but a thing that divides the road. It’s like grass with poles and the car was going straight for a pole but came back in the road before. The car kept going slow and we got to a light which was red so I was sure it was going to hit the car in front as it didn’t seem to break but the light turned and it kept going straight super slow. I wanted to follow it to keep an eye on it’s driving and call the cops if needed but I just ended up turning. The car was going by the hospital so I figured someone else could see it and after the hospital there’s a cop station. I just felt and still feel bad for not following it. I’m scared something happened and I could of maybe prevented it. Nothing I can do now as I can’t go back in time. I just hope the person driving the car is alright and that nothing happened. 

Well, I should get to reading if I want to do that before sleeping. I will try to be asleep by 12:30 so it will give me 8 hrs of sleep.




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