Doctors Visit/Trip to store ends badly

I managed to get both my shots at my doctors appointment, as well as a finger prick that almost made me faint(wasn’t as bad as I thought).I was also running a low fever and had high blood pressure that they will have to recheck next time I’m there for my 3rd shot next month.

After we left my appointment, we had stopped by the store since it was just around the corner. Some adult male yells something provocative at me, though I pretend I don’t see him or hear him. Personally, I wasn’t trying to ignore him at first, but I just hadn’t realized he was talking to me.:/

For heaven’s sake, I was in a short skirt and a t-shirt. Let me just say that this skirt had shorts under it you couldn’t see. Plus, I wasn’t even dressed my finest. I had some small zits on my face I was unhappy about.And I had a slight muffin top in the office prior that made my confidence plummet and make me feel more “Bleh” about my day.I wasn’t really there to look my best, I tried to look decent.

Anyways, I figured maybe they thought nothing was under my skirt so maybe that’s why I got more unwanted or scary attention? I dunno. I just prefer men who approach me, just not aggressively, and men who approach me instead of being too scared so they have to shout something at me from across the street. Personally, I sort of wanted to rip out my pocket knife and stab the dude to death since I wanted a cupcake from the store and he ruined my mood. Doesn’t help that my mood is foul as hell, not to mention the me-murdering-people nightmares.PMS does some scary shit to you. To me, that just tells me they really don’t care what’s coming out of their mouth since there’s really no effort or politeness to it. It’s never anyone attractive and they have zits on their face even-though their not going through puberty. I might look good, my face might look clean as hell when It’s not shark week, but this face goes through daily maintenance. They probably don’t even know how to properly scrub their faces or brush their teeth, so not the kind of guy I would ever want. I like them to do some maintenance appearance wise too if that’s what they like about me.So their compliments mean nothing, therefore they mean nothing. So I ignore them and it’s embarrassing to them when I act like I don’t hear them.

It’s even more not so comfy since I’m only sixteen and they did that in front of my mother.:/

She barely heard him too though, so whatever.

By time we had been ready to leave the store. Some old Mexican man chased me up and down two aisles in the grocery store, trying to keep up with my pace when I sped up three times, he barely grazing my thighs since he got up behind me.It was more of a surprise attack. He only stopped when he ran into my mother, whom I had found in the midst of my sort of running/sort of walking thing.She gave him a dirty look that made him turn and leave, so yay for me, one less groping added to the list of other times I’ve been groped. :/

Worst of all is probably the fact that all the men who try to grope me or yell profanity at me are never hot or young or good-looking. Not like that would make much of a difference. But I sort of feel like I’m never going to be able to marry someone my age. Maybe their more polite?Yeah, I prefer the shy ones since their easy to approach and embarrass and never try to do anything I’m unhappy with.

The only ones who do those rude things are the one’s who probably have some disease I don’t want, the gift that keeps on giving, STD, whatever you want to call them.Probably are so desperate that they would risk 5 years or so in prison and a name on the registered sex offender’s list just so they can sexually harass a 16 year old for several moments. Telling me I’m pretty is awesome, calling me something that gives me creeps is something else. Like dangerous vibes. Yelling profanity makes me feel more like I need to get away from you as fast as possible over feeling like; “hell yeah, I feel beautiful”.

Thank you old man for chasing me around the store and making me loose those 100 extra calories that I gained while eating that stupid cupcake that tasted awesome. Next Time I’ll chase you around the store too, but you wouldn’t want me to get my hands on you

I get that most of the people that grope me are older men who assume that just because my height is below average for females my age that they think I’m an easy catch, but I have ¬†VERY VERY foul mood.

And my body might look like it belongs to a grown women, but I’m still underage and have more laws to protect me than you have to cover your ass with. So people who like to yell profanity at random people on the street or grope them, just remember that, that ‘grown’ person might be a ‘grown teenager’ that looks like an adult .

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