Finally snagged myself a career

It’s been a long, but successful week.

On Tuesday, I had a phone screening with this major laboratory company. It was nerve-wracking, and everything I said sounded like bullshit, but I did well enough to get offered an in-person interview.

On Wednesday, I shopped for 3 hours up until the mall closed to find an interview outfit. Four unsuccessful stores later, I ended up at Express and spent $140 on my first business casual outfit. Got my shoes from Macy’s – I never would have thought flats were so comfortable??!

On Thursday, I had my in-person interview. I tried to make sure I smiled warmly. People always say I have a great smile so I used that to my advantage. Interviewer said she really likes me!

Today, exactly 24 hours after my interview, I got a job offer with this lab company.

MY FIRST CAREER EVER. I’m so beyond stoked and I’m so grateful and everything I prayed for is happening, and I’m actually amazing myself right now. My confidence is climbing and I’m excited for all these great changes, and I just — I’m just so thankful to everyone who supported me along the way, especially my momma. Without her help, none of this would have been possible. I’m so lucky and so blessed.

Life is so great, and I made it that way. I decided to take the initiative of taking ownership of my depression and planning out my next moves, setting goals, accomplishing them, and it just all feels so fucking good.

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