Very uneventful day. Quiet and somber. I’m still trying to let go of Mr Buttons. I don’t want to love someone that can’t even send  a reply to a text. If he can’t find time in a week to just say hi then it’s time to move on. God did use him in a huge way in my life and for that I’m very thankful but I’m only hurting myself by holding on. 

Thank you Father for getting my attention trough any means necessary. Thank you for allowing me to know him if only for a moment… it was truly a privilege but I want to let go now. Please help my heart to heal and help me to move on… Please Lord? It just hurts to much. I give this situation to you. You are in control. Only you can know what paths we will take and I accept and welcome the one you have planned for me. I love you. 

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