Whoa a journal

Nice song that reflects my mood: Cosmo Pyke – Great Dane

Hmm hey? How does it work? Someone is actually going to read what I write? No way.

Or maybe they will… Who knows, I better write a nice introduction for my readers (hey).

Hey, I’m a person somewhere in the world, 21 years old, sometimes I think I have bipolar disorder but I don’t if it’s true, so writing helps me sometimes to get over my bad mood and if not, SLEEP! it’s always good to sleep. right?

I like to write on my laptop at night with some music, and that’s pretty much it.

I got more things but I think that’s enough for now.

Oh, I got a skateboard but I’m really bad at it (just got it, so I’m still learning how to do stuff).


What I’m going to write about? A lot of things (I hope so), about my life and how I see things in my life at my current state. Should be interesting or completely boring and you will fall asleep while reading it, either way, let’s where it leads!


See you tomorrow!

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