You can see the pain of the world in my eyes.


Old soul.


That’s what they call me.


Weezer and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been singing songs to me since the 90s that have talked about my life and crimes and stuff that everyone goes through but specifically to me.  That video, Look Around, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, shows David’s guitar and lamp.  There’s a Joy Division poster that the camera zooms in on.  Leaders of Men!!!!  They sing about Dogtown in By the Way.  I use “BTW” all the time online and have forever.  


I’ve talked to Craig Kilborne, Rivers Cuomo, Ben Kweller and a guy from Jimmy Eats World online!  I talked to Nelly in the 90s in an AOL St Louis chatroom!  Some of what I said ended up in the song Hot In Herre by Nelly!

Seriously, after being exploited for 43 years ( or more ), I think that people have no idea who I really am.  They think they know me.  They don’t.  Now, with all of the slander and libel, it’s getting bad.


I am not my husband.  I was never my husband.  I was never like him.  Our son is not like his daddy.  He was never like his daddy.  He is his mother’s child.  I raised him.  My parents helped to raise him.  My son is like me and mine.  Not like those former in-laws of mine.  He could never and will never and has never been like those Lawrences.

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