a list of things stressing me out

  • i am currently failing spanish
  • i have $6.25 to my name
  • i have $1,300 in sorority dues to pay
  • i have $4,250 in tuition due
  • if i don’t get an A in spanish I lose my scholarship 
  • i have not gotten my birth control meds in 4 months
  • i have not gotten my anxiety meds in 2 months
  • i am for the first time in my life struggling with organization
  • i feel confused about life 99.9% of the time
  • i feel lonely all the time
  • i stopped eating on accident then passed out in my calc 2 lecture
  • my ego is so fragile i had to specify that i’m in calc 2 so i sound more intelligent
  • my period has gotten so bad i almost had to go to the hospital
  • i am looking for validation in attention from guys which i am not getting because i’m ugly
  • i am not doing a good job at loving myself
  • i feel inadequate for my major
  • i feel inadequate in my friendships
  • i don’t know where to start to fix any of this
  • but at the same time i’ve never been happier

Literally what the fuck

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