Day 567 & 568 – Worries, yearbook & Photoshop

Friday, September 15th 2017

Decent day. Although worrying. I’m not sure whether I should mention any names or not, despite their troubles being public by them anyway, but, someone I know seems to be going through quite a bit and I emailed them since the website doesn’t want to let me comment… And I’m not sure if they’re gonna check their email, but, I hope through my message they know how amazing they truly are and that they have people that support them.

Anyway, I had English and I continued working on my critique. Same old thing happened in technology, where I worked on Blender.

At lunch there was our first yearbook meeting, so I didn’t have to leave the class. We discussed the theme of the yearbook and a few other things. I left the meeting with Kohai once the role we have was addressed, and we went and ate with our close friends that eventually joined us, since they’re also in the yearbook, but have different roles than us.

In French we didn’t do all that much, just a lot of reading, which was boring, since that’s all we did (it’s fun, but gets irritating after a while). Math was just a time to do math homework, cause we had a substitute.

At home I worked a little bit on my English critique, ate, then watched Supernatural.

Saturday, September 16th 2017

Today was productive and also lazy.

People came early in the morning to remove our pool. We never really used it for a few years, especially because the size isn’t that big, so it isn’t as large as it used to be for my brother and me. Instead there’s gonna be a firepit, which is gonna be awesome.

I caught up by doing one of the projects for my technology class. I decided to mash up two different projects into one. The result is shown above. Took a few hours, but it was fun playing in Photoshop again. Also really satisfied with my result.

I also put my name in the pages I wanted to do for the yearbook, because they finally shared the document with us. I decided to do the page for senior pranks, Halloween, hockey and the yearbook club that’s always at the end of the book. I’m glad I got Halloween; I expected someone to jump on it as soon as the document was shared.

For the rest of the day, I just played a bit of Sims 4, watched YouTube and later on watched Supernatural, but only one episode this time. I wanna go to bed early; I’m more tired than usual.

Also, still worried about the person from yesterday. Hope they’re okay.

That’s all for today.

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