EVP Risk : Hearing a Warning

September, 2017

   Back when I first started experimenting with EVP……back in January of 2015, one of the first clearer voices that I remember hearing was a powerful voice that said “Go Back !” At the time, I remember being more amazed at the clarity of this voice than what the voice actually said. It wasn’t until later on…..after my oppression situation had already begun, that I reflected upon when I heard this voice say “Go Back!” that I realized (and very much so) that I was in fact being warned not to proceed with recording.

  That warning was very ominous considering all that was to follow. In short, during the first month of my recording experience, I was mainly hearing voices that seemed benevolent in nature and that also seemed very willing to communicate with me. By the second month of recording…..what I can only describe as negative voices began to appear on my recordings….and by the end of that month, these negative voices were present on practically every EVP recording that I made. Fast forward another month…..and I was hearing these negative voices that I had been hearing, outside of my recordings. By that point, I had already quit recording for EVP, but these voices would become a constant presence in my life for some time to come.

  I was not at all prepared for what I was experiencing back in 2015….I really don’t see how anyone could be….for every moment of every day that Spring and Summer…I was being bombarded around the clock with these intrusive and tormenting voices. But, if one thing is certain….I was warned. It didn’t take long for me to remember that when I first started recording for EVP, I heard a voice say “Go Back !”

   Looking back now, how I wish that I would have realized then how profound that warning actually was. But, I didn’t realize it back then when I heard it.…I was already on the path of becoming mesmerized and obsessed with capturing more EVPs, with communicating with these mysterious voices that I was hearing on my recordings and to find out at all what this all was and what it all meant.

  I have seen other accounts, very similar to my own and in many of them, individuals told me that they also received warnings very early on to stop recording. After going through what I went through back in 2015 and in fact…in also dealing with the lingering after-effects to this day, I would certainly never encourage anyone to take up EVP. In my opinion, there are too many risk. It’s something that is touching upon the unknown and can sometimes be downright playing with fire.

  That being said, if one decides to go forward….if they ever hear a voice say something along the lines of “Stop Recording” or “Go Back” or anything at all that seems like it’s a warning….I highly recommend that it be taken seriously. It’s not always the case that when you stop recording, the contact is ceased and over with. Sometimes unseen dangers are very much present. I don’t’ mean to present this in an overly “frightening” tone, but it is a serious matter that can have a great impact upon one’s life.

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