my name’s grace and i care what you think.

I think I’m feeling a little better after that huge freak-out episode. I’m not really sure.

Yesterday afternoon my friend S called me, but I didn’t hear it, so I called her back after I saw the missed call. She wanted to rant a little bit because she was upset at having lost a debate competition. So I just talked to her for an hour about all kinds of random stuff. It’s a little confusing to talk to her sometimes, just because she talks really really quickly and excitedly and tends to jump topics really suddenly, but it was really nice to hear from her since I don’t see her that much around school anymore. I won’t see her after I leave for college next year… that’s such a depressing thought.

I thought it was really funny how, during our call, she told me that one of the other girls who became Semifinalists, a girl who just happens to be our Student Body President, apparently has beef with her. According to S, some people were salty that she became a Semifinalist because they think she is quote egotistical and full of herself end quote. I wouldn’t know if that’s true or not, since I don’t know anyone in this school, which really isn’t an exaggeration. A few of the other people didn’t have any idea who I was, either, which I thought was really funny, since one of the girls was talking to my physics teacher (the one I asked to write my recommendation letter) and didn’t know anything about me other than that my name was Grace. My teacher asked her if my name was Grace X (my last name), and the girl said she didn’t know, but that I was Asian, so my teacher confirmed it was me. And then one of the two guys said to my friend that he had never had a conversation with me in his life, which is true, but somehow just sounds really funny when I think about how some people are talking about this and are just completely confused because they have no idea who the hell I am. I think they’re all as surprised and bemused as I am.

On the day we took the picture, my friend R (who is another Semifinalist) asked if I was one, too (since she didn’t see the rest of us the day before), and I told her I was, before asking her “how many other Grace’s do you know”, which she had no answer to. It was funnier because my programming teacher saw me that morning and really quietly and seriously asked me if I was one and I said yes, and she said she’d seen the names, but since my last name had been spelled wrong, she hadn’t been sure until she’d seen the picture, but even then she was a little confused.

On Friday, I got sole ownership of my physics teacher’s chalk-desk, so now I’m the only one who can draw weird crap on it! Yay. She’s the nicest teacher ever and she’s helped me with loads of weird crap, like the NHS stuff, and now this NMS stuff, and my college application recommendation. I’m going to write her a thank-you letter soon.

It’s 4:20. I just noticed that. I’m so immature.

We had an econ pop quiz on Thursday that scared the crap out of us all, especially after our teacher told us he graded them more harshly than our reading quizzes, but I got a 90 on it, and I STILL have no idea how that happened. Jesus. I just know I’ll be better at Econ than Gov, which is GREAT because all grades from both classes are averaged together (since we do that weird alternating day thing) and my gov quizzes are always 80’s, which is really annoying and tragic.

English is one of my most boring classes now. On Friday, we discussed the short stories and chapters we’ve read, and sometimes it was so excruciatingly awkward and silent that you could hear the wall-clock ticking. Our teacher is rather monotone; he can be witty sometimes, but he’s pretty boring compared to my teacher from last year, who was the best.

I think I’m feeling fine, but I also feel sort of constantly nauseous and sick at the same time. I have a sore throat to top it all off; a cold is making its rounds through schools, so my sister and mother are both sick.

I’m not going to go to homecoming, which is this Saturday. I think I mentioned it already. I’m not actually “bitter” about it; I was already probably not going to go, since I don’t have any idea what the hell I’d do for four entire hours there anyway. My friend D is going; she has a date, who asked her with a sign with tennis puns!!! She’s so cute. She showed me a pic of her dress, and told me Friday that she was going to make his garter after she got home that day. To be honest, mums and garters weren’t big in Virginia (I actually don’t think they’re a thing at all), which is why I was so weirded out by them when I saw them in Hobby Lobby last year.

I’m only writing this because I’m procrastinating really, really hard. Also, it didn’t seem right to leave my journal on such a depressing entry. Blossoms’ first album, Blossoms, is really good. Very indie.

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