So Confused

Ok, so I have this ex-boyfriend who also happens to be the father of one of my children.  For my son’s entire life, he hasn’t been around.  I have watched this man date woman after woman, and all of them have children.  He takes such good care of these kids who aren’t even his flesh and blood and yet has ignored my son for his entire life.  Now all of a sudden, he wants to come into my son’s life and I am not comfortable with that.  I have always believed that children deserve two parents, but I have given this man numerous opportunities to be there, and he has spit in my face each and every time.  Am I wrong for not wanting him around now?  My son has some issues such as separation anxiety and he doesn’t do well with new people.  I just love my son so much and don’t want to see my baby hurt.  

One thought on “So Confused”

  1. My best advice is to let him be part of his sons life slowly, you don’t want to overdo things and he pushes his son away again. What I mean It’s a tough call, its’ kind of sad watching father’s who are biologically connected to a child and want nothing to do with them. But people like me who want to be in their kid’s life get told it isn’t a good idea.

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