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My name is Sapna, I am a student of First Year of B.Com. ahmedabad escorts I am from Delhi. I am pretty blonde and beautiful too. My height is 5 feet 3 inches. My body is medium, neither fat nor thin, everyone praises me. When I was in school and at that time I was a young age. At that time, I did not know anything about sex properly, just because in the TV, sometimes some adult scenes were seen, then weird odds came. But at that time I used to ignore it all. ahmedabad call girls I did not wake up my cousin’s thirst for sex in my life that was then 21 years old. At the time of my commissioning, my teeth had become very attractive and my body was full. My brother always used to touch me around and stare at my whole body. One day there was a worship in the house, so everyone came and that brother also had come. If the place was reduced due to more people in the house, then all the siblings put their bed down and sleeping Brother was the eldest and at that time because he had a cold time, he started to sleep with me. While sleeping, Salwar was sleeping wearing kurti pants and bra. escorts ahmedabad All the people had slept but the brothers were awake. He put one hand on my stomach, lying down, I felt a little strange but thought I would have put it in sleep. I slept comfortably but after a while the brother did not understand that I had fallen asleep, then he started to take care of my stomach. I started getting that time weird sealing, but I did not say anything to them. After a while they put one hand on my chest and started pressing. I was feeling good, but I was afraid. I thought I would oppose brother if it was too much. On the contrary, on the contrary, with his lip sympathy, ahmedabad escorts agency I came into my fun and became a little stale. Then the brother put his hand inside my T-shirt and started to soften my soft stomach and then slowly gently pressing my chest and nipples in my bra. I was enjoying peacefully, I did not understand how to refuse. Then he started sucking one of my cheeks out, and I was feeling ashamed of myself. Then they put one hand on my chest and started rubbing it. Then she started to open the door of my salwar, ahmedabad escort I could not understand how to stop the brother. It was a bit too much for me as soon as they were below my salwar, so I immediately took off. They were scared of taking my turn and started pretending to sleep. But after a while they started again and now their courage has increased. They straightened me and then put my hand inside my pen. In a few moments, his fingers had come on my shorts and he started moving his fingers in my skulls. ahmedabad escorts service At that time the water had been washed by shame because the brother had come to know that even my wounds have come and I have become a worthless merchandise. Now I was not able to stop them even by wishing them and they also spread my two legs. Now brother started putting fingers in my pussy. His finger was not kept from me as I entered and I got up and sat down. The brothers were completely scared and they started pretending to sleep. Then I cleaned my clothes and slept. On the second day when I got up, I could not even get a look from my brother. ahmedabad independent escorts But the brother was reacting like something had happened. I felt good that night, but it was bad too. I did not like to make such a relationship with my brother. The brother’s courage grew so much that now he would touch me anywhere and start laughing. I could not even refuse them. He stayed for 3 days and used to do this with me every day. She used

to try to fuck my wife many times. But I was hurt, so I did not let it. Then he went to his house.

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