At times

At times you just meet these people you never imagined to let enter in your life and just in few days and even at times in few moments they become so important to you that you don’t want them to leave just like others did and you can’t say that you can’t live without them beciz you’ll stay alive If they ever leave but you very well also know that then that life can not be called a life. Everything about then becomes so important like from there smile to there shadow that if you think then you realise that you don’t care abt yourself as much you do for them ,thier happiness and just to be atleast once a reason for thier smile. Your 11:11 wishes change from ‘your happiness’ to ‘thier happiness’ . The world changes it seriously does! And you can never imagine it to be what it used to be . Every moment you’re just thinking abt them. Your best moments are discribed as all those spent beside him/her. Your day starts and ends totally on them actually the whole day consists them either in thoughts or words or moments spent . Ya you love them and at times too much to even care about your happiness over them . Yes I love you in this way . I know I’ll never say this nor will we ever get together but to the last hope I’ll still wait atleast for a no…

Me to you✨

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