I am beginning to try easier at embracing these lonely moments. 

Today, I saw an artist that I am considering working with. He purposefully ignored me, kinda like a lot of the whores or negative women (maybe that’s what whores are…). He says that he has scored several movies, but not enough to break my self confidence and self respect. 

There is a guy who is always there with him. I’m sure they are dating or f******.  

There were several girls there I would’ve normally banged, but I’m doing better at restraining myself. Going in never works out well for me unless I’m shitty towards them afterwards. I just don’t have the time…

My dad left, and it’s bittersweet. His controlling has turned on him, and he needs to take better care of himself. My mother in so many words said she needs his strength. My mother rarely reaches out like that, so I guess that’s something to be gracious about. 

Ran into an old kinda fling friend. 

Went to work, my boss flirts as usual. 

While at the store I realized how faster I was moving as I ignored more…

Eraser by Thom Yorke 


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