Monday September 18th

I feel a little better than yesterday. My 5th period class was horrible. That girl that came for the first time Friday has wrecked it. She is crazy. They all respond to her She is so dumb she acts like that just to get out of the room. I am exhausted. 

I took my transcript from my summer classes to the DOE office in Brooklyn today. That’s that. I have finally gotten everything in to be paid at the highest level. We got an email about a lump sum payment coming to all teachers on October 16th. I am pretty hopeful. The email said all teachers get it, even those that didn’t work here in 2010. We’ve gotten a couple of emails about changing your pension contribution rate just for that pay date. Surely it is a significant amount of money if they think people might want to change their deductions for it. I ran up 3K in debt this summer while I was getting paid $500 a paycheck. I would be thrilled if it was enough for me to pay that off my credit card. Whatever it is, I can use it. Money is always the issue. 

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