sept 18 17

Last night we heard that Brent had taken his own life and passed away to be in his Fathers arms I pray Lord Jesus You have him in glory now, if it be your Will Lord, to be given comfort for his pain and forgive him for his sins, Lord. He was a friend to Bob and Bob has such good faith in you Lord that he is able to give it to you, as have I .  I pray for Brents’ life  to continue to create awareness for those of us who are lost and feel alone.   Thank you Lord Jesus for creating a heart for You among those who knew him and miss him today. Let us not be angry at him for his act but learn that we can lean on You You will carry us though these hard times  and we will miss our friend Brent whom, forgive me Lord,  for I never spoke to him of you, that I never knew how to approach him. I was scared Lord to say the wrong thing and be scorned by those that wouldn’t understand .I never continued to carry your message to him . I who have so much strength and courage through Your life and Your death gave me life, my  message was not there for your child, my brother Brent. Continue to show me the way Lord .  Thank you Lord . This sadness I give to You.  In your name and mercy I will dwell. Amen

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