September 20 17 issue


My cup of tea, September 2017

Let us accept that the storm of today is unpredictable and it might also be related to our mischief to the environment, or the continuing disgraceful abuse of progress of the present technology, and the total mismanagement of the ecosystem, which at the very start are all raw, organic and normal. The hurricane in Texas that damage a record 250 billion dollars, killed a few, and give so much suffering to the people, but were not the last one, because hurricane Harvey was followed by a series of monstrous hurricane that wreak havoc, to the islands in the Caribbean, Cuba, and the whole Florida Peninsula. This area was the targets of Hurricane Irma. It unroofed or flattened houses, broke trees, and leave a storm surge more than 25 feet. It packs a strong wind, and technician claims that the quality of a strength was last tested in 1921, or almost a century ago. But on its way, it devastated so many islands, but thanks, God, it weakens when it was inside the land area of Florida. People in all walks of life were talking about prayer, meditations, and also the doubtful capability of the Country to confront such ordeal. Maybe, our prayer was heard, because of the monstrous Hurricane meltdown on its way, and in the end, it became just an ordinary tropical storms. God is watching us, once our prayer is heard, no amount of strength that can withstand the power of the Almighty. It was again demonstrated in Mexico recently, with an earthquake of Intensity 8.1, we know that the damage might equal to what Japan had succumbed, but it was less because most of the affected area is less populated. We should continue our prayer. We have lots of predictions, some are biblical and some also came from NASA about the end of the world by September 23 or maybe they said, on November 15 to 29, which they claim there will be darkness. Once the planet aligns by itself, Jupiter will create a bigger shadow, and for 15 days we are in darkness. The tropical region will have the severest punishment for there would be colder in those areas. Home is not used to a winter type of weather. If it happens God is now in the forefront lambasting us with his wrath. Please, it is now time to be in the altar, praying and talking to Jesus. This will just pass by.
But the world is practically damaged by different catastrophe. United Nation is in unison, just to confront a rogue nation, whose finger is always playing the red button of their missiles. North Korea run by a youthful leader seems very unmindful about the effects of their mischief, even if the world showers him with lots of sanction and restriction, he felt happy of his misdeeds, and being scary is his success. If ever they commit mistakes in their malevolence, the whole country will suffer. The USA is no longer sleeping on this, and just on their accidental mistake the eventual response would be extremely catastrophic.
What happens to Duterte of the Philippines now? He has lots of pronouncement or zarzuela just to put a redirection of the actual issue of his son. As clear as a running crystal water of Maria Christina falls, his son is a member of the most dreaded triad in Asia. Sen. Trillanes conclude it when Pulong could not open his Worms of Tatto at his back. They were able to smuggle 4.9 billion pesos of shabu, and was followed by another series of quality shabu worth 22.8 billion, and passed freely in the so-called green lane or express lane in the country’s manila terminal. These are all under the watchful eye of Customs commissioner Nicanor Faeldon. He can not say no to the group because as alleged by the customs broker, mark Taguba, it was facilitated by the son and son in law of Duterte. For the fanatics, just review the Senate investigation, and you will see how your idol is destroying our country now. Juan de la cruz was brought to the ICU when he heard about this. He can not succumb the effect of this malfeasance. And Duterte became so silent for quite a time, waiting for his king of fake news, DoJ Aguirre to mount against Senator Risa Hontiveros and Senator Sonny Trillanes, a series of planted evidence, just to slow down all the bombs of truth against their monster master. Congress now is almost reduced to a village chapel, where the head of the Chapel is the words of all the member of the board. There is good member of the house, but they can’t go against the whims and caprices of the speaker, but despite that , a good number of nationalists bestowed their freedom by voting against 1000 peso budget for the Commission of Human Rights. In the Senate, Senator Lacson and some senators voted to restore the budget, because it is a constitutional commission, and should be respected. It sounds like there is a tug of war in Congress now. So far, by evaluation, Duterte’s government got the lowest grade, and we hope he will recover it soon so that our economy can bounce back for a better future. yes, it is still doom and full of ambiguity. Amen.

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