15 year old drunk

Hey yall!!! I’m a 15 year old drunk… I drink all the time and I want to stop and I want to be happy and a normal 15 year old, going out and hanging out with friends and talking about normal things. But instead i’m going out drinking every chance I get. My mom now just found out about how bad it has gotten. I’ve put my life in danger way to many times… I’ve almost gotten raped also way to many times to count. I started drinking when i was in 7th and i’m in 10th now but the only reason i started drinking was because i was sad all the time and drinking helped me with that. I’m always worrying about everyone and everything but when i’m drunk I’m not worrying about anything or anyone. I’m just having a good time and my sister just has to be a bitch. So I haven’t had anything to drink in two weeks… Mom and my sister won’t let me out of the house. I can’t even go to cookout without my mom coming and spying on my ass. So yesterday i went and talked to my person (therapy) and she asked me about me drinking and my grandma was with me. I spent two hours in the car getting lectured about drinking and my ex. Another reason why i drink is because my ex. He made me feel like i wasn’t shit all the time. So i went out and got drunk to forget about it, I went out so i wasn’t worrying about it. Because when i got drunk i was getting noticed. Even tho it might have been a good thing that i was getting noticed i didn’t give a fuck. The guys that are around me when i drink are crazy and they will do anything to anyone because they don’t care. So i’m going to tell you a story about this one night that i was at a party and i didn’t really drink but i drank a little. But anyways this guy was acting really fucking weird when me and my sister got there. The weekend before that my sister went to a party and he was there and he was all over my sister. One of my best friends had to get him off of her so when I saw him i already knew to stay away from him. He was creepy asf. So i went to the bathroom and the way the house is set up the bathroom is down a long ass hallway and when i was walking down the hallway i looked back and he was following me. So i started walking faster and then i locked myself in the bathroom for a good five minutes and he knocked on the door. Like he knew i was in there… he watched me go in there. So when he knocked i screamed that someone was in there and he said “yea i know let me in” i didn’t say a damn thing i just waited for him to leave but when i walked out he was still there. He was waiting for me so when i walked out he followed me. But I sure he didn’t come near me. So the rest of the night I was hanging out. I didn’t drink a damn thing. I was way to scared. But anyways the next story i have for you is one you dont want to miss

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